Self-Catering Accommodation on Eigg

Abandon your home comforts and disconnect for a while!

Many tourists visiting Scotland want to stay in a luxury cabin in the Highlands.

They want to experience the raw rugged nature that Scotland has to offer, but they also want to make sure that they can upload their photos at the end of the day, have the option to stay up-to-date on their social media feeds and also access their television streaming channels, as if they were still at home.

They might think that simply by being close to a wild expanse they are disconnected from their homes – but they couldn’t be further from the truth.

On the Isle of Eigg you won’t find any of these distractions. Here you’ll struggle to find a television with a clear picture, let alone any phone signal or internet. Despite the island only being home to around 100 people, there are a number of self catering accommodations that offer visitors the chance to become a member of our little community. Whilst staying on Eigg with us you’ll be getting a truly authentic experience of island life. You’ll have access to the same grocery shop that we have, the same non-existent phone signal and the same beautiful scenery!

Take a look at just a few of the places you could stay at on Eigg:

Amazing Eigg Shed

Perfect for couples (or a small family) this compact yet airy space is the ideal hiding place for folks looking to escape the day-to-day urban experience. The clue really is in the name. In your cosy Shed you’ll find everything you need to make your stay comfortable but nothing more! A comfortable double-bed settee saves on space whilst a compact kitchen has all the necessities to serve up a hearty meal after a day of exploring the island. Visitors can also make use of outdoor furniture and two kayaks, should they wish.

£70 per night (includes pick up and drop off from ferry).

Sweeney’s Bothy

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a ‘bothy’ is a small hut or cottage, traditionally built for the use of farm hands and herdsmen as as a form of shelter for them to use during the bitter Winter months. You can still find these rugged shells across Scotland, they’re free to stay in and provide nothing but a roof over your head. Sweeney’s Bothy on Eigg is a modern update of the bothy experience. One cosy space provides everything a sole visitor or couple should need. A wood-burning stove provides warmth whilst a sole gas stove grants you limited cooking capabilities. An outdoor shower and toilet make this an experience that will connect you with nature – ideal for those looking for a real country escape.

£75 per night (includes pick up and drop off from ferry).

Laig Caravan

Offering much more space than the other two options, but with the same limited amenities, the view from this well looked after caravan has to be seen to be believed. Overlooking the neighbouring Isle of Rum, you’re literally a stone’s throw away from a tranquil beach, giving you the option to wake up at first light and take a dip in the sea at your leisure. Once more, there’s no electricity, no wi-fi and no mobile phone network, so you’ll be blissfully disconnected from the outside world!

What you do get when you stay at the Laig caravan is the opportunity to enjoy the company of another with just enough amenities to keep you fed and warm. Although you can make use of the Isle of Eigg shop should you wish to pick up supplies, you can book a hamper before you arrive so that you’ve got something special to tuck into on your arrival.

£50 per night (extra charges apply for hampers) 

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