Eating on Eigg

Eat clean, organic, isle-produce whilst you can!

Some are surprised by how we all get by here on the Isle of Eigg, without access to a supermarket or high street stores – but we’re not completely without our luxuries…

Our island is home to a number of small businesses that supply our population here with some truly delicious produce, because of the high demand that these businesses often have to deal with they often require advance notice so that the can ensure that they can provide everything for their customers. Additionally, before you make your trip to see us it’s worth checking with these businesses personally to ensure that they’ll be open during your stay, as some of them operate within what many might consider as irregular working hours.

Although it’s a good idea to bring along any niche ingredients that you think you might not be able to find on the island (exotic fruits, spices or mass-produced foods are hard to come by), you can easily feed yourself indefinitely on the produce of the island and the limited selection that is imported in.

These independent businesses are well worth visiting whilst you’re staying with us:

Isle of Eigg Shop

The namesake for this site and often the first port of call for most visitors to the island, the Isle of Eigg Shop is one of the longest running businesses here. The small shop stocks everything that you’ll need for your stay here, as well as some extra special treats that you could buy to elevate your home-cooked meals.

Daily deliveries of fresh produce from the nearby fishing port of Mallaig can keep you stocked with fresh seafood, whilst you can also pick up quality Scottish meats courtesy of Lochalsh Butchers and lovely fresh bread from The Bakehouse.

Eigg Organics

The Isle of Eigg has long been known for its well-established environmentally friendly approach to tourism and Eigg Organic typifies this mentality. Rated by the Guardian as one of the best campsites in the UK, this westward facing farm also offers a cosy bothy and even a canvas yurt to stay in, but it’s the owners’ open attitude to their organic values that makes it a good place to pick up some food at.

Whilst you’re visiting you can take part in an organic gardening course: learn how to create your own organic Eden back home and understand how to grow your meals from the seed to your plate. Lessons include sessions focusing on cooking, preserving and include a lunch prepared from the garden there. Once you’re done you can buy as many veggies and eggs that you like for your own Eigg-based meal.


The only restaurant on the island is only open to non-residents during the summer and is a truly one of a kind dining experience for any visitors looking to get wined and dined for a special night out on the island. Wide-open windows give diners a huge view over the neighbouring Isle of Rum and it’s also in walking distance from Laig Bay and the Singing Sands, making it a perfect stop-off for a lazy walking tour.

The style of dining changes each night, so it’s worth checking their website before you make a booking with them. One night you may be in for a £30 per head 3-course meal, the next you could be sharing a table with a group of locals – that’s part of the joy of this independent restaurant that, best of all, champions local island produce over everything else.

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